Seven Steps to Kriya Yoga
What Makes Kriya Yoga Special

Step 1: Breath

Start with the fundamentals: What is meditation? How does it work and why? What could be simpler than the breath, or more subtle? Always with us, seldom noticed, breath is the definition of life itself. If you breathe, you can meditate. Learn to understand, and then influence, the relationship of consciousness, thought, heartbeat, and breath.

Step 2: Energy

To generate, concentrate and direct energy at will is the secret to success in meditation. Otherwise, the mind runs wild. A unique method of energy control invented by Yogananda, develops physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Also of benefit to athletes, artists, businessmen, parents, children, entrepreneurs, and other creative thinkers and dynamic doers.

Step 3: Devotion

You are not alone. Meditation is not wishful think­ing. It is direct perception of that which is. You are not a body; you are the Infinite Spirit. Meditation is a relationship with your own higher Self, and with the Masters who will bring you to Self-realization. Mind and heart work together. Everything in the universe responds to Love.

Step 4: Discipleship Initiation

Do you want to climb the mountain on your own, or would you like the help of an experienced guide? All true spiritual paths lead to the same goal. But one set of feet - one heart, one mind - can only follow one path at a time. With commitment comes strength, clarity, and grace.

Step 5: AUM (Om)

The vibration of AUM is your own true nature. A simple method of inward listening opens a mystic doorway within. AUM is the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, the Christ Consciousness manifest in creation, the sound of "many rushing waters" described in the Bible as the Day of Pentecost. All spiritual traditions describe the same experience. AUM, Amen, Amin.

Step 6: Chakras

Chakras are the gateways through which divine energy enters physical manifestation. Your chakras determine your health, your destiny, and your state of spiritual realization. Meditation is a scientific method for opening and clearing the energy in the chakras. A deeper understanding, and experience of the chakras prepares you for the next initiation.

Step 7: Kriya Initiation

The Great Himalayan Yoga Master Babaji declared that Kriya should be given to "all who humbly ask for help." But some preparation is necessary to make the body and mind ready to receive the power created by the practice of this final technique. Now you are ready.


DETAILS: Step 1 involves taking one of our Basic Meditation Training Classes. These classes are conducted at various locations in the Lansing and Detroit Areas. Basic Classes. The rest of the steps are conducted at various times during the year. For more information on those steps, and any other questions please E-mail Ananda Michigan.

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